Downloading and installing Kaldi

Dowloading Kaldi

We have now transitioned to GitHub for all future development. You first need to install Git. The most current version of Kaldi, possibly including unfinished and experimental features, can be downloaded by typing into a shell:

   git clone kaldi --origin upstream
   cd kaldi

If you want to get updates and bug fixes you can go to some checked-out directory, and type

   git pull

If "git pull" prints out a message telling it cannot pull the remote changes because you have changed files locally, you may have to commit locally and merge your changes, or stash them temporarily and then apply back the stash; for that, we recommend that you read about how Git works, possibly starting with the Kaldi Tutorial: Version control with Git (5 minutes).

Installing Kaldi

The top-level installation instructions are in the file INSTALL. For Windows, there are separate instructions in windows/INSTALL. See also The build process (how Kaldi is compiled) which explains how the build process works internally.

The example scripts are in egs/